What is Foundation Sunday?

Foundation Sunday is the next step in our church's process to building our first church home. On Sunday, September 15, 2019 we will lay the financial foundation of our phase 1 building with a special collection. Our goal is to raise $25,000.

Where did the initial $25,000 seed money come from?

It is important to remember that God has been and continues to bless our young church. Over the course of the first year of our existence, we built a healthy bank account. The initial $25,000 into our building fund is coming from Heritage contributions over the last (almost) two years. Also, our bank account is still in great shape thanks to the stewardship of each of our families.

How much do we owe on the 9.5 acre property?

Zero! Our planting church Memorial Road Church of Christ bought and paid off the 9.5 acres. We own the land debt free from their foresight and. When we were just an idea, the leadership began to seek out more than location, but a place where a church home could thrive. We are able to think about building now because of their generosity.

What are the next steps after Foundation Sunday?

Foundation Sunday is a major step for our church. The money will allow us to begin designing phase 1 of our first church home. This next step will be a domino that opens up further steps in the process. Unfortunately, to know our total costs is to design phase 1 and knowing our costs will make clear every step of the way through move in.



If you'd like to give and help lay the financial foundation of our first church home, click the donation button below and input your generous amount in the "Heritage Building Fund" line.

Master Plan

In early 2019 we hired Davis Design Group to master plan our 9.5 acres. The master plan is a concept of the entire property's potential usage. It's a road map of sorts. Most importantly a master plan helps inform where phase 1 should be built and helps give realistic costs for the project. In addition, DDG worked with the city of Edmond and land surveyors to fully plan the entire site. 

Is this all the money we need to build?

No. The exact cost of phase 1 is still up in the air, which is dependent on so many things. Foundation Sunday is the start of our fundraising efforts toward building. The reality is we need money before we can fully know the total of building phase 1. Foundation Sunday is our initial step in laying a financial foundation that will allow us to continue moving forward. As we are able to move forward we then will have a much better idea of what the total building costs.

What is the money from Foundation Sunday going to?

There are several steps in the process of designing our first church home. In order to fully know costs of construction based on square footage and city requirements, we must hire an architect for the “Preliminary Design” stage. This includes all the architectural work required to submit to the city and is a process of understanding total costs and us setting a budget to move forward. 

Will we get to see more of the master plan?

YES! We are planning to share all the details of the master plan on Wednesday, August 4 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn. On this evening we will have images to share along with details from our architect and the city about the building process. Our minister and members of the Steering Committee will also help answer any questions there are.