We're building our first church home

In late 2022 we began construction on our first church home at 4900 North Broadway in Edmond (south of Sorghum Mill Rd.). 
Heritage Elementary has been our home. It serves us well. But it has never intended to be our home. A starting place, but not our home. And in 2018, when the Heritage Church of Christ was established- first through weekly worship at the Memorial Road building then a send off and full time worship and presence in this neighborhood in the fall of 2018- our community has dreamt of a home.

We were set up for that dream from the very beginning. On April 22, 2018- even before Heritage was a full-time congregation- Memorial Road deeded our community with 9.5 acres of land. Debt free.

Heritage Church has prayed, discussed and envisioned community and ministry beyond this cafeteria because of that generosity. Our community has had the ability to prepare and to faithfully dream of what it means to serve and live in this area forever.

Our first church home will take 12 to 18 months (Nov '22), of course weather plays a role. Our first home will be 12,750 square feet. It will cost a total of $3,970,000. We do have a loan to fill the gap with RCB Bank. A terrific loan term, that we believe will be met and not a hindrance to future ministry and church life. Our building fund sits close to $600,000. And since our initial special contribution, Foundation Sunday, Heritage has given around $900,000 total to the dream and vision of having a home where ministry and life may take place.

And while our construction team takes literal steps in building, our work as Heritage community is not over. Our financial commitments continue. Pledges and giving to the fund are incredibly important as we take on this financial commitment. Every dollar goes to making our first church home a reality. There are further financial needs, even at this juncture. And we will continue to take these steps together in faith.