Weekly Bulletin

November 11, 2018November 4, 2018    October 28, 2018



An Alternative

It’s time to stop what you’re doing, drop what is consuming your time and listen to God’s alternative to the busyness that we can’t seem to escape.

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You Are Not Off Limits

Notice that Jesus hangs out with sinners. And more than that, he wants to work with sinners. Who is this man that looks at sinners and says, “You are not off limits?”

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Hope Rises

Take note of Jesus in the early parts of the Gospel of Mark. He’s with people. And notice when Jesus is with people, lives are changed forever. Hopeless and hard life situations that have certain outcomes are changed forever when Jesus enters the picture. Hope rises to the surface and when hope is part of […]

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Leave Your Nets

Why would the followers of Jesus leave everything behind to follow him? What compelled them to go with a simple invitation with zero information? Who is this Jesus that calls those men and each of us today to leave our nets behind?

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Who is This?

First lesson in a new series that will ask us to witness Jesus through the eyes and ears of his disciples. We’ll be encouraged to ask the question they asked and paint the picture of it’s answers. Mark 4 is a good starting place because no matter how much or how little you’ve heard or […]

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