Special Contribution Sunday

Sunday, April 23

On April 23 we are asking Heritage to help take a final financial step in building our first church home.

As work continues on construction of our church home and we prepare for our move to 4900 N. Broadway, we must continue to face the financial realities. We have prepared financially for this project. We have been saving as a church since 2018. We have pledged and given above regular contribution for almost four years now. We have secured a favorable loan to help push our dream into reality. Difficult decisions have been made about what our church home would and could not contain at first.  And while we have the full funds for the cost of the building along with essential furnishings, equipment and ability to meet city requirements (landscaping and deceleration land, as examples),  we must take one more financial step to fill in the gaps.

What will the funds of the special contribution on April 23 do?
Here is a prioritized list that this special contribution seeks to fund. It's the final needs and desires of our church home that are not currently funded:

  1. Retractable walls. In total eight classrooms are made up by the moveable walls. These walls help create a flexible space inside where more seating for worship, events or potlucks may happen while also being able to create eight class rooms for studies and smaller events.

  2. A sign. A neighborly indicator of who we are with a monumental sign located off N. Broadway by one of entrances.

  3. Additional furnishings. There are items not included in our base level furnishing package that would be help create a more friendly and functional use of our church home. Some of these items include children's spaces like tables, equipment for rooms, etc. Other desired furniture items would include fellowship spaces to help create gatherings. 

What is the total cost of everything needed?
Final numbers are being calculated.

The moveable walls...