Giving Switch FAQ

We are transitioning our giving to the Heritage App. After you've created your app account, you can follow THIS GUIDE to set up your giving in our new system.

Why a giving switch?
Behind the scenes we've been working to bring all of our online platforms into one system. The Heritage App is part of that. Our database, communication, livestream, calendaring and giving are now fully integrated. Switching our giving system is part of the transition to bring everything to our new system.

Also, our new giving platform has better rates. This, of course, is great for everyone. Credit card fees are now a 2.3% +.30 per charge. ACH (direct bank account withdrawal) is now only .50 per transaction.

Giving for both regular contribution and the building fund may be done through the new platform. As you enter your giving amount, you select which fund you are giving to.

A Note About ACH Transaction Fee
There is a small quirk in the ACH giving, that we continue to work on.

Giving will reflect an incorrect 1% charge for your ACH gift. ACH has a flat $0.50 fee per transaction, regardless of the amount of gift. This is corrected by our provider on the backend. If you want to cover the ACH fee, just add $0.50 to your gift and do not check the "cover processing fees" box. This will ensure your gift is the amount you intend.

Do I need to turn off my regular giving in Breeze?
Yes! Inside your Breeze account (the old system), you can turn off your regular scheduled contributions. If you need help turning that off or verifying that those scheduled givings are turned off, please email Angela Marshall at

When will the old system stop working?
The last day for Breeze giving is March 26. Now is a great time to start the switch. ACH verification needs a couple of days plus starting the process now ensures everything is running smoothly on both ends before the Breeze system of giving is shut down. Again, if you have questions or need help with anything in the transition, please email Also note, that text to give is turning off after March 26. With giving inside the Heritage App (and everything being housed inside the app), text to give will not be an option then.

Is the switch also happening for the building fund?
It's important to note that both our regular weekly contribution giving and the building fund giving are switching to the new platform. You always have a drop down choice to which fund you'd like your money to go towards.

Is ACH Better way to give online than card?
Yes. The transaction fee is a flat .50 regardless of the amount. And as shared above, if you want to cover that .50 in your giving (totally optional), simply add .50 to your giving and do not click "cover processing fee." And if you don't cover it, ACH is .50 for the church to cover. That is far better than 2.3% of the giving amount plus .30. We recommend setting up the ACH if possible. Remember, it takes two days to go through the bank account verification.

Can I just use CashApp to give?
No. CashApp is a money giving platform for simple exchanges and is not meant for regular or building fund giving. There are issues on the backside that create problems with making this a regular giving option. Switching the systems helps us keep all information into one, secure system.

What if I want to write a check?
We love checks and cash too! While the vast majority of Heritage gives via online. (It's something like 97% of Heritage givers) But, we know some have checks and operate this way too. No worries at all! While we don't pass trays in worship, we do offer a drop box for checks and cash on Sunday mornings (we'll have these too at the new place) and checks may also be mailed to the church office (2524 N. Broadway, Edmond 73034).