Our Story

How it all started...

In 2016, the Memorial Road Church of Christ Planting Team (the group responsible for helping make this church a reality) proposed to move forward in planting a church in north Edmond. The plan was to find a willing school north of Covell Rd. and begin establishing a new church community.

The leadership came back to that team and reaffirmed their belief in planting a church in the growing area of north Edmond. That was good. However, they believed the church should be firmly planted into an area with land that was all their own. A place that was theirs to establish, dream and minister into the future. Not a life of perpetual wandering from school to school- but a home. They wanted to plant a north Edmond church, but not one that had no vision or anchor.

Because of Memorial Road and their leadership and the ultimate investment to this young and growing church, Heritage isn't here today. Without the foresight, faith and work of leadership and the church planting team, Heritage doesn't call 4900 North Broadway home. The MRCC Church Planting Team consisted of Travis Akins, Terry Fischer, Charles and Jennifer Gregg, Bob and Donna Carpenter, Bud and Sarah McFarland, Taylor Cave and Holly Delasandro (now Hill).

In late 2017, Memorial Road purchased 9.5 acres of land off North Broadway, just south of Sorghum Mill Rd. and next to the Twin Bridges neighborhood. A piece of property to anchor a new congregation and help establish a community of believers for generations.

That same year, Heritage visited with then principal Cathy Bugg at Heritage Elementary School. A school around the corner from the property being purchased. When the idea was proposed to Mrs. Bugg, she said, "I've always wanted a school to meet in this school." And from there Heritage began to make Heritage Elementary School their first home.

Preparing for the future...

On September 15, 2019 we had Foundation Sunday. On this day, our just now one year old church was seeking to establish a healthy financial foundation that would set us up to begin the process of building our first church home. Our goal was $25,000 for one Sunday. A modest goal for a church that recently got over 100 in attendance regularly.

On that day, our community contributed $66,955. And by the following Sunday, our newly established Building Fund had grown to $95,658. A healthy and robust financial foundation had been laid.

From there, our elders and minister began to take further steps in the process. We’ve discovered that the process of building a church home is a long, and at times, frustrating, process. There are months you may only take one step. And then weeks where many steps are taken.

In early 2020 we  established our 4900 North Broadway Giving Campaign. A pledge campaign asking members to give above and beyond regular contribution to continue funding our dream of a church home. The process of building a church home, it would seem, always requires money.

Taking steps...

As the pandemic hit in March 2020, we were well on our way to taking  tangible steps in building our first home. Then the pandemic became our new immediate reality. Building wasn’t a worry in that moment. As we navigated and lived in our new reality and as we began to re-establish ourselves through that time, we realized and learned that the vision and dream of a church home was still important. And still possible. Our building fund grew by $385,199 between March ‘20 through 2021.

In 2021, we re-engaged our 4900 Pledge Campaign. We picked up the work of taking those building process steps. Of course, the reality was a bit different now. Adjustments were made- the scope of the project, the building itself had to be adjusted to match our budget with ongoing price increases. In many ways, the pandemic not only cost us time, it cost us close to a million dollars in the overall project. But, this church continued to dream. To trust in God. To prepare. To pray for a home we could call our own. A home we could continue to establish our ministry and outreach to this neighborhood we’ve been called to serve.

Those steps continued. Steps with the design and plan. Steps with the city. And steps with our neighbors. And more steps with the city. Our leadership and our Building Team have been diligent, prayerful and thoughtful each step we’ve taken. And so has our Heritage community.

We’ve listened to one another and to our neighbors and to the city on adjustments each step along the way. And with every step we’ve taken it with faith. Faith that God has not only provided in our short past, but that God is providing into our future. That we’ve been placed and positioned by God himself to be here.  And with each faithful step forward, we are finally able to say “Welcome home" in January 2024. After 15 months of construction, we moved into 4900 North Broadway- with our grand opening on January 28. A home for ministry, service and loving acts. A place God has prepared for this community to faithfully step into the future. A future that we restfully walk behind God in faith.

Connect and belong...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am