Sunday Bible Studies

Classes for all ages meet weekly following worship at 11 am inside the Heritage Elementary School
Our youngest ones explore creation (learning about the world God made).
Littles starting move learn about Adam and Noah.
Our three year olds look at Abraham and Isaac.
Our four year olds walk through the life of Jesus.
Pre-schoolers begin discovering when and how they can talk to God through different Biblical accounts.
1st thru 5th graders  are looking at the lives of Jacob and Joseph. Elementary is divided into two groups (1st &2nd) (3rd - 5th) 
Heritage Youth Group is for middle school and high school students. They often meet as one class, but will also have MS and HS specific classes at times.
Young Adults encompass college students through adults in their 20s.
Adult Bible class meets in the cafeteria beginning at 11 am. 
When utilize all the space we can at Heritage Elementary. See the map for class locations. And anyone with a "How Can I Help?" lanyard is ready to help get you to the right place.