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  • Prayers for Amy Ware, friend of Julie Rivera. A close friend, we've prayed for before. Cancer has spread and she was supposed to go for a clinical trial and her liver enzymes are too bad off to do it. Her bile duct has a stricture. She is prayerful they will put a stint so it can work. She is scared and she is always a rock.
  • We mourn with Kevin Orr and family on the sudden death of his father. The funeral will be 8/26 at Matthews Funeral home in Edmond at 1 pm. 
  • We mourn  with Dawn Doberenz on the 8/10 passing of Mark. Mark was one of our shepherds who passed unexpectedly during a softball game.
  • We mourn with Morgan Estes on the recent loss of his father. The Estes family is traveling to California to be with family and attend the funeral service on 8/26.
  • Prayers for friends of Nathan Glavan who recently loss their young adult daughter (22). 
  • Prayers for Tami Fennel's mother who recently moved to Teal Ridge- adjustment and health.
  • Congratulations to Kevin and Linda Orr on the birth of their granddaughter on 8/5.
  • We mourn with Derek and Ashlea Briggs and family on the loss of their brother-in-law from cancer.
  • We mourn with David Pemberton and family on the recent loss of his mother.
  • Brent and Pam Bundy's daughter, Rebecca. She is pregnant with some complications. 
  • Lucy Akins was baptized 7/18!
  • Davis Briggs was baptized 7/18!
  • Beau Bunger was baptized 7/4!
  • Megan Rivera was baptized 6/25!
  • Anna Austin has been dealing with multiple episodes of vertigo
  • Ongoing construction of our future church home.

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We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. We pray for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.