Prayer requests

Prayer list...

  • Prayers of healing for Bernice Henderson, Benita Jackson's mother, who is having heart surgery on 7/8 due to an infection
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for the baptisms of brother and sister Levi and Lily Williams on 7/3
  • Prayer over Joanna Estes who recently had a regular cancer follow up appointment. Awaiting results in the coming days.
  • Prayer for Brandon Scharrer who is fighting an infection that led to Bell's palsy (facial paralysis). Prayers for pain and full recovery of facial muscles.
  • Kristen’s aunt Barb fell and will have surgery Tuesday on her leg , which is broken in 2 places.
  • Christian’s grandmother, Marjorie Phillips, had her electronic scooter fall on her in an accident. She’s in the hospital and struggling with pain and possible blood clots.
  • Prayers are requested for Kristi Starr who has recently received a diagnosis of Stage 4 renal carcinoma. Kristi is the wife of OC's Provost, Dr. Brian Starr. Please pray for God's healing for Kristi and peace and strength for the entire Starr family.
  • Prayers of recovery for Mariah Ousley who underwent surgery on her hip on 6/6. She'll be off her feet for a bit and unable to lift for a good while. Prayers for Poppy and Collin as well!
  • Prayers for Tim Palesano's brother, Mike. He had a heart attack and surgery on 6/5.
  • Prayers for Emily Waid who began cancer treatment along with contracting meningitis recently. She is now home recovering.
  • Prayers for Marc Shrader's health- testing and therapy.
  • Prayers over Kate Hartman's mother, Donna Millican, on her recent cancer diagnosis. Thanksgiving for recent results of a PET scan. Treatment is planned.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving over the brother of Brittany Eck. His recent biopsy on a mass came back negative to cancer.
  • Prayer for Colby Ousley's mother, Cheryl, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She an upcoming appointment with a surgeon on May 24.
  • Prayers for Kevin Orr's upcoming back surgery. Also prayers for Kevin's MS.
  • Prayers over Jeff Bingham's mother who was recently moved into an assisted living facility.
  • Prayer for Bill Williams as he searches for a new job.
  • Prayers for Delvin Black's sister and aunt of Steve Black, Rugene. Many health problems, including dementia.
  • Continued prayers for Brittany Eck's grandfather. Pray for the family as they navigate difficult conversations and decisions
  • Amber Lowry asks prayers for health and learning to live with her disease. 
  • Bobby Kern asks prayers of strength during difficult days at work. Seeking presence and guidance in his role with many people.
  • The Estes family asks prayers for one of Joanna's friends (who is 9 years old) has had a recurrence of cancer. Please pray for her and her family and doctors as they consider her options.
  • Prayers for peace and aid to those suffering as war in Ukraine and the Middle East continue.

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We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. We pray for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.